Location: Lake Orion, Michigan
Job Type: Full-time

This role requires extensive knowledge of industrial automation including digital manufacturing, CAD, and simulation tools.

Job Summary
Mechanical design and engineering of automation lines, special machines, and tooling for the automotive, aerospace, and general industries. An AMT Mechanical Engineer is responsible for the conceptual design and detail of unique automation systems with special attention to robotic based cells.

Regular responsibilities include:

  • Develop Process Concepts
  • Develop Layout Concepts
  • Select appropriate equipment: (robots, conveyors, process equipment)
  • Study implications of using manual processes
  • Estimate Cycle Times
  • Support throughput analysis (Discrete Event Simulation Engineers)
  • Develop Robot OLP’s for real-world tests when necessary

Individuals in this role are also responsible for producing well-written, concise technical reports for results. They must also create professional videos from simulation to illustrate concepts.

  • Expert (minimum 3 years experience) in at least one of the following:
    • Delmia D5 IGRIP/USPOT
    • Delmia V5 IGRIP
    • Tecnomatix Robcad
    • Tecnomatix / Siemens Process Simulate
  • Proficient (minimum 1 year experience) in at least one of the following:
    • Fanuc Roboguide
    • ABB Robot Studio
    • Motoman Motosim
    • Durr 3DOnsite
    • Similar package for Kuka/Kawasaki/other robot
  • Expert (minimum 3 years HANDS ON experience) in at least one of the following:
    • Paint Process
    • Spot Welding Process
    • Mig Welding Process
    • Sealer / Dispense Process
    • Palletization Process
    • Robotic Material Handling Process

Not expected to perform hands on process work as part of this job.

  • Proficient (minimum 1 year experience) with at least one of the following:
    • Fanuc Robots (RJ/RJ2/RJ3/R30ia, any version)
    • ABB Robots (any version)
    • Motoman Robots (any version)
    • Kuka/Kawasaki/other robot
  • Ability to quickly self-learn any of the remaining with minimal support (standard documentation, limited access to users)
  • Not expected to program robots as part of this job.
  • May be required to retrieve backups from production robots and extract relevant information or upload programs to simulation tools with minimal support.
  • May be required to develop OLP programs from simulations and ensure that they work in actual robots with minimal support.
  • Willingness to travel domestically / internationally (minimal < 1 month/year total)

Other suggested skills:

  • Working knowledge of controls / PLC’s in the context of automated manufacturing.
  • Understands automated workcell controls & related devices
  • Working knowledge of mechanical/electrical hardware in the context of automated manufacturing.
  • Experience with CAD packages:
    • Solidworks
    • UG
    • Autocad / InventorCATIA

Advanced Manufacturing Process Engineer Application