Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative


A startup solar company was struggling with how to move their product from prototype level manufacturing in the lab to high-volume global manufacturing. Without a clear overall concept and a detailed understanding of what is required for the type of investment this company wanted to make, can be remarkably difficult. They were in the process of discovering that they would require this deep understanding and a helping hand if they were to be successful.

AMT Engagement

One of solar company’s potential hardware vendors, who was familiar with AMT, recognized the situation as the type typically undertaken by our team and made an invaluable introduction. The staff at AMT are adept at assisting companies in any stage of development, from startup companies to veterans of the industry. In any of these endeavors and investments, the early planning stages are crucial. AMT knows that any project worth the investment is worth the time.

Therefore, when we met our new client for the first time, we took advantage of the opportunity to explain some preliminary information and clarify any misconceptions they might have. For example, a large-scale, multi-phased manufacturing initiative is impossible to integrate into specifications without an initial workout period, both the current and expected product requirements, up-to-date manufacturing processes, any of their realistic financial parameters, and a firm commitment to staffing a chosen level of automation. This capability is the function of targeting manufacturing locales. For any company to be successful from start to finish, a team of consultants such as those at AMT with the experience and knowledge to guide them through the planning process is essential.

AMT was ultimately contracted to assist in planning and integrating this initial workout period. We worked with them to develop a clear understanding of their production requirements for the first phase of manufacturing roll out. By their count, our team of insightful and innovative staff saved them an estimated $1.2 million during this first three month period in the unnecessary short-term hardware investments they intended to purchase. Among others, costs such as these are the kind for which AMT searches in pursuit of trimming and optimizing our clients’ budgets.


AMT had the pleasure of working with this promising startup solar company in their early days. Our team continued to help as they developed and expanded into a high-volume manufacturing company not only in North America but also in Asia. This is one of many others success stories that AMT is proud to showcase from our history.