Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Prototype to Production

A startup solar company was struggling with how to move their product from prototype level manufacturing in the lab to high-volume global manufacturing. Without a clear overall concept and a detailed understanding of what is required for the type of investment this company wanted to make, can be remarkably difficult. They were in the process of discovering that they would require this deep understanding and a helping hand they were to be successful. 

For any company to have effective systems and processes in place from start to finish, a team of consultants such as those at AMT with the experience and knowledge to guide them through the planning phase is essential. We worked with them to develop a clear understanding of their production requirements for the first phase of manufacturing roll out. Download the case study for a complete breakdown of how our team of insightful and innovative staff saved them over $1 million during the first three month period in the unnecessary short-term hardware investments they intended to purchase.

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