Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative

A startup solar company was struggling with how to move their product from prototype manufacturing in the lab to high-volume global manufacturing. They were in the process of discovering how difficult it is to engage a system integrator in an automation project without a clear overall concept and detailed understanding of what is required for the investment to be successful.

AMT Engagement

AMT was introduced to them by one of their potential hardware vendors. We met and explained to them that a large-scale, multi-phased manufacturing initiative is impossible to put into specifications without an initial workout period to understand (1) the current (and planned) product requirements, (2) the current manufacturing processes, (3) their true financial parameters, and (4) their commitment and capability to staff a chosen level of automation (which is a function of the targeted manufacturing locales).

AMT was contracted for this initial workout period where we worked with them to develop a clear understanding of what was required for the first phase manufacturing roll out. During this first three month period, we saved them (by their count) an estimated $1.2 million in unnecessary short-term hardware investments they were about to purchase.


AMT worked with this company through startup and into high-volume manufacturing in North America and Asia.