Automated Spool Pack Out Project

A major glass manufacturer had commissioned a company of research scientists to develop a concept for automating the retrieval and palletizing of one of their spooled glass products. The research company developed a working prototype to demonstrate simple feasibility. They provided only rudimentary documentation and the system itself was not production capable.

About a year later, the System Integrator was asked to quote a production-capable version of the system. The integrator understood the gap between a prototype and a production-capable system. Without a real specification from the end customer, the System Integrator proposed a pre-engineering phase in which a true manufacturing process concept could be developed and a specification generated. The customer purchased this phase.

AMT Engagement

The Integrator then contracted AMT to conduct the pre-engineering phase. Together we visited the end user site, gathered data, took measurements, etc., and developed a process concept and layout. We then produced a complete quotation including engineering and build. (The Integrator provided the quote to the customer using the engineering quotes from AMT and pre-negotiated rates for long-term field support.)

The Integrator completed the installation of the first system and there are several more on the schedule.


AMT was brought in early to develop a manufacturing process on behalf of an integrator and their end customer. Based on this, the integrator was then able to quote a well-priced viable solution for building the system based on detailed technical specs and known resource pricing for implementing and supporting the system in the field.