System Throughput Analysis

A dental appliance manufacturer needed to increase production in their plant in Mexico. One part of their manufacturing process consisted of 13 robotic systems used for trimming their product. They believed that this area would be the bottleneck to achieving the new required production volumes. They contacted their system integrator to initiate the purchase of one more robotic trimming system.

AMT Engagement

An AMT engineer was working at their corporate headquarters in California doing custom software development for a different part of their manufacturing process. When discussing the plans for expanding capacity in Mexico and installing a new robotic trimming cell, the engineer suggested that they allow AMT to perform a throughput analysis on their existing system before they made any purchases of new equipment.

Using software simulation tools, AMT modeled the current manufacturing process and was able to identify that the 13 robotic trimming stations would not be the bottleneck to increasing throughput. In fact, because of incorrect product routing software in the conveyor system, one of the 13 robot systems was virtually unused.


AMT helped them make the necessary changes to the conveyor software and they were able to achieve the increased throughput without purchasing a new robotic trim system. Based on their estimate, the AMT engagement saved them approximately $350,000.