Considering Collaborative Robotics Solutions

Collaborative robotics is an emerging force in today’s manufacturing and automation world. They are streamlining production by safely handling hazardous or bulky materials and operating 24/7. In addition to a softer, rounded exterior and slower, calculated movements, cobots incorporate additional technology that increases their reliability and safety.

Improving Security & Performance

Working alongside humans, cobots are designed to:

  • Perform tasks with reduced speed and strength
  • Include designs with hand-guiding technology
  • Neutralize collision damage with soft, rounded edges
  • Reduce error rate

Sensing Technology

Because humans’ movements are not as predictable as the patterns of a robot, sensing technology ensures safe interactions between employees, cobots, and other equipment.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine-learning capable software anticipates human behavior, detects proximate objects, and averts potentially dangerous situations.

As technology rapidly continues to advance, more options become available for more applications. However, before making the investment in cobots, it is important to ask yourself several questions to determine whether or not they are the appropriate solution for you.

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