Preparing for Automation

At AMT, we offer a range of services for those at any stage of the automation process, and these articles explore our techniques for providing you with answers to all of your challenges. We consult on current or future projects and offer state-of-the-art simulation software and technology to assist you in making safe, educated decisions.

Automation is complex and advantageous to a variety of manufacturers. Nevertheless, it may not be the solution for everyone. We carefully assess your operation and help you navigate fundamental questions to determine the best course of action.

We must also consider why other automaters’ projects may have failed in the past. With over two decades of successes, AMT has the experience to convey the challenges of the road ahead and help you achieve your objectives.

Before approaching the intricate process of integrating automation systems, we endeavor to familiarize ourselves with your operation. Simulations are a reliable, innovative method for evaluating every angle of the process before finalizing a design, ensuring quality and safety. We also utilize this technology to analyze ways in which we can optimize current systems. When we are prepared to move forward with a setup, we can even program the robotics directly within simulations.

Discover how AMT can help you prepare for automation.

Considering Automation

Integrating an automation system into your business is a big step, involving thorough research, a firm understanding of the costs and requirements, and a helping hand to guide you through the process. Before we begin, we evaluate your operation by asking the following kinds of questions.

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Designing Automation

Integrating robotics into a pre-existing system is a complex process. Luckily, with over two decades of experience in the automation industry, AMT is equipped to handle these challenges. We understand the importance of balancing schedules, budgets, installation, and other requirements.

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Robotic Simulation for Safety

Before a new automation system can be integrated, it is crucial to safety and effectiveness that every angle of the operation process be evaluated. Simulations are a safe, reliable method for detecting potential errors, testing various orientations, and demonstrating a viable approach for the installation and operation of your new system.

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