Case Studies

Case Studies

More than 25 years experience integrating robotics in manufacturing systems across the world

Founded in 1989, Applied Manufacturing Technologies has become an industry leader in robot automation engineering and robotics in manufacturing globally. AMT’s team of experienced engineers, consultants, and programmers are committed to serving you, providing you with product neutral support and a blend of technical and practical knowledge. We meet you where you are and help you to optimize your business based on current and planned production requirements, current manufacturing processes, financial parameters, and your individual capabilities. Each client is unique, so it is our belief that each solution should be too.

Our team familiarizes itself with your background and needs, identifies problems, and customizes solutions that resolve complications and optimize operations. In over two decades of business, we have supported our customers by confronting and resolving a vast array of issues. Our qualified staff will help you fight your operation’s problems directly in the distinct capacity you require, increasing throughput, decreasing expense, or improving the overall manufacturing processes.

These case studies summarize the automation, manufacturing, and robotics challenges our clients have faced in the past and how AMT’s dependable recommendations, solutions, and personnel overcame them.

Discover how AMT has transformed automation challenges into a reality.


Programmed Systems

Global Customers

End of Line Press Automation Project

To solve the traditional problem of automating an end of line press, AMT engineered a process given certain assumptions that received five similar quotations from integrators and saved the manufacturer approximately $3,000,000.

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Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative

When a startup solar company was struggling to transition from the prototype level to large-scale manufacturing, AMT developed an initial workout period, saving them approximately $1.2 million and developing them into a high-volume, global manufacturer.

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Automated Spool Pack-Out Project

For a major glass manufacturer, AMT produced a complete quotation including engineering and build. The Integrator completed the installation of the first system and there are several more on the schedule.

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System Throughput Analysis

A dental appliance manufacturer needed to increase production in their plant in Mexico and believed that part of their process would create a bottleneck. AMT helped them make the necessary changes to the conveyor software, saving them approximately $350,000.

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Airplane Maintenance Simulation Analysis

A leading aircraft manufacturer asked AMT to recommend solutions for service and maintenance operations on the their airplanes. A simulation analysis confirmed that a given set of aircraft parts could be serviced in the field and maintain ergonomic compliance.

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System Throughput Simulation

Read how AMT performed system throughput simulation (or discrete event) for a major project and implemented a more efficient plan.

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Polywood Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor furniture company reached out to AMT to evaluate their operation for automation potential. After a thorough analysis, AMT determined that prior to integrating a new system, their process would have to implement process solutions to increase throughput and efficiency.

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