Airplane Maintenance Simulation Analysis

Designing Safe and Effective Equipment

A leading aircraft manufacturer required consulting expertise to identify issues and recommend solutions for service and maintenance operations on the manufacturer’s airplanes. In essence, the customer needed to see four simulations that provided accurate confirmation that a given set of parts on an aircraft would be field serviceable and ergonomically compliant. If the parts could not easily be accessed, it would mean the expensive and time-consuming removal of an entire sub-system.

AMT was brought on by the aircraft manufacturer in a consulting capacity. After being given a list of parts on the aircraft in need of servicing, AMT created simulations showing the removal of four of these parts. When creating the simulation, AMT had to determine which tools to use and restricted it to a standard tool set. The simulations showed a repair sequence for the various components chosen.

Most challenges encountered by AMT during the simulation process dealt with hand clearance and visibility. Download the complete case study to learn how AMT’s simulation paved the way for a manufacturer to design a product with maintenance and disassembly in mind.

Manikin Performing Repairs

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