Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Prototype to Production

A startup solar company was struggling with how to move their product from in-lab prototype level manufacturing to high-volume global manufacturing. This task is remarkably difficult without a clear concept and a detailed understanding of what is required the investment the company wanted to make. They discovered they would need a deep understanding of the high volume process and would need a helping hand to do so.

The Company realized the requirement for effective systems and processes in place from start to finish, would require a team of consultants; AMT’s team of Advanced Engineers had the experience and knowledge to guide them through the planning phase. We worked with them to develop a clear understanding of their production requirements for the first phase of manufacturing roll out. Download the case study for a complete breakdown of how our team of insightful and innovative staff saved them over $1 million during the first three month period in the unnecessary short-term hardware investments they intended to purchase.

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