Automated Spool Pack Out Project

Expertise in System Integration

A major glass manufacturer commissioned a company of research scientists with the goal to develop a concept for automating the retrieval and palletizing of one of their spooled glass products. The research company developed a working prototype to demonstrate simple feasibility. For the purposes and objectives of the glass manufacturer, however, the prototype was insufficient and ineffectual. In addition to these issues, the research company provided only rudimentary documentation of their work and the system itself was ultimately not production capable.

About a year later, the glass manufacturer asked their System Integrator to quote a production-capable version of the system. The System Integrator proposed a pre-engineering phase in which an automation company with the experiences and knowledge pertinent to this particular case could develop a truly conceptualized manufacturing process and generate a specification based on the glass manufacturer’s preferences and limitations. They contracted AMT as their expert automation team and purchased this particular phase. Download the case study for a detailed account of how AMT developed a manufacturing process, enabling the glass manufacturer to increase their installations.


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