End of Line Press Automation

Streamlining a Dangerous Process

In automotive manufacturing, a traditional problem area is at the end of a press line. This is a progressive process where parts are stamped into shape from flat steel blanks. The challenge, however, is to continuously remove parts, which are moving at a rate of 1 to 2 seconds per piece, from the swiftly running conveyor belt and load them onto racks for transport to the welding facility. This is a difficult and dangerous manual process. Also, it is historically difficult to automate due to part variability, cost, and other factors.

When a major automotive manufacturer needed help addressing an end of line press automation issue for their operation, AMT was an ideal candidate due to our history of designing processes for other areas in this automotive company. After reviewing various process concepts they received from five integrators in their initial bid packages, we determined each concept would ultimately fail. Download the complete case study to find out how AMT’s involvement saved the manufacturer millions of dollars.

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