System Throughput Analysis

Optimizing the Manufacturing Process

A dental appliance manufacturer needed to increase production in one of their plants in Mexico. One part of their manufacturing processes consisted of 13 robotic systems used for trimming their product. They believed that this area would be the bottleneck to achieving the new required production volumes, and as a result, they contracted their system integrator to initiate the purchase of one more robotic trimming system.

AMT used software simulation tools to model the manufacturing process that the dental appliance manufacturer was currently employing. We were able to determine that the 13 robotic trimming stations would not be the bottleneck to increasing throughput after all. We identified that one of the robot systems was virtually unused and that it would be entirely unnecessary for the dental appliance manufacturer to purchase yet another robot for their trimming system. To find out more about how we not only helped them achieve increased throughput but also saved them thousands of dollars, download the complete case study.

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