Collaborative Robots

Robots and People Working Side by Side

Traditionally, industrial robots performed their tasks in caged cells while the human workers were kept on the outside looking in. The robots required large floor space, were relatively difficult to program, and they were expensive. Enter collaborative robots, or cobots. Cobot technology applies various approaches allowing humans and robots to interact. They are smaller and lighter than traditional robots, use less floor space, and they are cheaper to buy, operate and maintain. Collaborative robots are an excellent solution for many applications, but not all.

AMT’s consulting team guides customers through the application of this new and exciting technology. Contact us to learn more about how cobots may or may not apply to your automation project.

The Future Is Collaborative Robots

Imagine robots working side by side with humans and without safety fencing. Robots doing all the strenuous repetitive tasks, freeing up the humans to use our brains and manual dexterity to do the more intricate works.

AMT is a leader in the application of collaborative technology, either through the implementation of the latest collaborative robot technology, or through the use of safety scanning technology on traditional robots.

We understand how and where a collaborative robot is the best approach, or when to use a traditional robot with safety scanners.

Use AMT’s Expertise

Is your application yield critical? We can show you you can accomplish the goals of collaboration, but with the higher yields that are expected in some applications. AMT can also show you how robotics can be applied in applications where full time human-robot collaboration and interaction is needed. Important in all these discussions is that this technology is applied is a safe manner.

In any use of automated technology in a human collaborative application, a safety risk assessment is a requirement. AMT’s long history and expertise in safety risk assessments ensures a safe application of the latest technology.
Automate Tasks Like Never Before

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