Vision Guided 3D Bin Picking

Making Your Manufacturing Operations Efficient

Continued advancements in robotic vision technology offers the capability to increase efficiency & flexibility of your manufacturing production operations.

The days of parts always needing to be fixtured and located via single purpose tooling are quickly coming to an end. Robots with integrated vision can increase flexibility and reduce overall system costs by eliminating costly, inflexible, single purpose tooling. The changes in the consumer which is driving mass customization requires more flexibility from today’s robot & automation solutions.

How To Utilize Vision Guided Robotics

This application can be typically found in machine tending, material handling and assembly applications. In many manufacturing facilities, parts are arriving, or transported within the facility, randomly in bins or containers, and not in an organized or formatted manner. In many cases, in the past, this has limited the implementation of robotics and automation. This is changing, and everyday, new applications of robotic automation is taking place with randomly located parts.

Robots equipped with 3D area sensors vision systems are capable of locating parts in three dimensions, adding flexibility and reliability to operations typically completed by humans or expensive, dedicated non-flexible machinery. No matter if your process involves loose, mixed, irregular shaped or located parts, equipping a robot with a 3D Area Sensor Vision System can provide an efficient solution that can be adapted to handle a variety of products.

Real-life Experimentation
At Our 3D Bin Picking Lab

Real world applications can be tested in the AMT 3D Bin Picking Lab using the latest FANUC Robotics Integrated Vision technology to prove out and validate your application. This validation testing allows us to “see” what your product looks like to the vision system, and allows AMT engineers to determine concepts for part grasping, and to prove out cycle times. Testing and validating insures the proper application of the technology and insures a successful project.

Analyze Your Robotic Vision Challenges

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